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App for Siri for iPhone

600 commands to speak with your Siri.

Today command to train your Siri daily.

How to setup for your Siri.

Make your own command collection.

Listen and repeat for training


Siri is an advanced innovation for your iPhones which brings users overwhelming convenience.
Tell Siri what you want, Siri helps you.
More than 600 commands are available for users to utilize easily, quickly while still have a lot of fun.
Creating your own sentences by talking to Siri. Siri also allows you to share them with friends and let the fun spreading.
Have great time with family by interaction with Siri.
Siri brings a better and modern life!

Sudoku - Offline Classic Game

Thousands of puzzles are available.

Classic puzzles on the phone eliminate the era of these on papers.

Use Pencil to make notes right on the puzzles.

Helps or hints are obtainable when being stuck.

Set 3 mistakes limits for challenge.

Optional mistake limit for both challenging and fun purposes.

Wide range of levels for different attempts: easy, medium, hard and master.

Each level has different level up puzzles to collect medals.

Highlight function avoid repeating numbers.

Games are auto-saved and resumed at any time.

No worries about making mistakes with eraser function.

Allow to save multiple levels.


If you enjoy logic puzzles and other brain exercises, give Sudoku a try. Don't be afraid: numbers, yes, math, no!
A fun hobby that exercises your brain and gives you a sense of accomplishment — that’s the perfect description of the numbers puzzle craze from Japan called sudoku. This great brain game is fun to play, and anyone can do it. Playing can even help delay dementia by teaching your brain to think in a whole new way.
Sudoku is one of the most attractive and fascinating puzzle game across the world. Acquire a puzzle game right on your phone, better convenience, endless recreation!
Sudoku offers different levels that allow players freely experience and measure their problem-solving ability while still having lots of fun. If you just want to get some relaxation, start with easy mode Sudoku. Tripledot’s Sudoku will be an aim for those who seek for challenges and complication.

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